Why SUN Education?



Studying overseas is not only for gaining deeper knowledge in a specific major in the best university, but also equipping us with valuable experiences and shaping our characters to be more independent, tough, and open-minded.


Living abroad will surely make us step out of our comfort zone. A condition in which we are far from family and friends will train our adaptation skills in a new environment, communicative skills in foreign languages, problem solving and initiative, to managing our expenses.


A chance to live abroad will open doors to visit interesting places in the world, meet friends and create network from all over the world, make us more open-minded, understand culture and eventually make us realize how we love Indonesia.


Being granted a bachelor’s degree from university overseas with lots of unique experiences above bestow us with our own value when entering professional world, especially when going back to Indonesia. Not to mention the global network we possess will make us resources that are sought after by companies.


To achieve all things mentioned above, all preparations should be planned and executed perfectly. Determining the right major, study destination to registration and visa often times confuse students. SUN Education is here to give you the solutions.


  • One stop service for all your education needs. SUN Education provides integrated services and the most choices with more than 300 qualified partner institutions in 12 countries. English test, talent and interest test and thorough consultation will be given to every student and parent to ensure that the choice taken is right.

  • SUN Education has an experience of more than 40 years in international education industry. SUN Education has been chosen to help more than 3,000 students who wish to study abroad.

  • Counselors of SUN Education are the best in industry as they have been equipped with trainings and development programs and are gifted with expertise and decent experience. Many of our counselors were students who used to study abroad so they can give sharing and practical tips to our clients.

  • As we deliver the most excellent services to satisfy clients, SUN Education has been granted various awards, including MURI, Indonesia Best Brand Award, Indonesia Most Innovative Company and accreditations from foreign education centers.

  • SUN Education has built prominent partnership in all areas of industry, including schools and local institutions, established corporates, embassies, psychology centers, overseas property agents, and many more. SUN Education is the only education consultant in Indonesia which is certified with ISO 9001:2008 regarding Service Quality from international auditing organization, SGS – meaning that great service which meets standards has been delivered by all branches of SUN Education Group.

  • SUN Education has branch offices which are strategically located in Jakarta, Tangerang, and 12 major cities in Indonesia. Consultation process goes in a professional but cordial condition, and all preparation can be done all at once. SUN Education is the Official Test Center from IELTS™ and TOEFL® so that our clients can take the test in one of the branch offices.