on 22 December 2016

Getting to Know the Culture and Customs in UK (Part 2)

Post By Neysya Rahma Kurniawati

To avoid culture shock, prospective international students need to find more information about the destination. Britain has a strong culture and history as well as the culture and customs. Knowing the culture and customs can help you dealing with culture shock and adapt more easily.

Figure 1. Casual and respectful. Source: nutterbuster.com
Figure 1. Casual and respectful. Source: nutterbuster.com


For students who come from tropical countries such as Indonesia, they need to adapt with the colder weather in UK. Invest in a good jacket to stay dry when it rains. Local students usually dress weather-appropriate so that their clothes tend to be relaxed and informal. Clothes should also be adjusted in formal events such as interviews and work both part-time or full-time.

Arts and Theater

Theater and arts are very popular in the UK like dance shows, musical and plays which are famous all over the world. The show can be watched in theaters scattered in various places across UK. Theater and arts can be an alternative for entertainment while learning more about British culture.

Figure 2. Weekends in the UK. Source: connectedkent.co.uk
Figure 2. Weekends in the UK. Source: connectedkent.co.uk


The weekend is usually the day where English family go shopping for daily necessities and enjoy the holidays. Sunday is a special day which is the day for ‘worship and rest’. The shops are closed and most residents choose to relax at home or in church. However, since a few years ago, shops are still open on Sunday and people usually prefer to shop than worship or doing both.


Do not be surprised when UK people call you with some term of endearment like dear, dearie, flower, love, chick, mate, son, ma’am, madam, sir, and other affectionate call because it is a tradition for English people. When visiting someone’s house, it is nice to bring a gift for the owner like a bottle of wine, a bouquet of flowers, or a box of chocolates. You also need to be punctual because British people are famous for their punctuality.

  • You should arrive at the exact time for dinner, lunch, or appointments with professors, doctors, and other professionals
  • You can arrive anytime during the tea ceremony, receptions, and cocktail parties
  • You should come a few minutes early for public meetings, plays, concerts, movies, sports events, classes, church services, and wedding

By getting to know the culture and customs of the place that will be your home for several years, you can adapt more easily and also helps in reducing the risk of culture shock. (NRK)

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