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IELTS Reading Tips for band 9 Part 2

IELTS™ Reading Tips for band 9 (part 2)

Some people think that scoring 9.0 on IELTS Reading is very hard for non-native English speakers. All the tricky vocabularies are one of the reasons why people do not seem confident enough to get the perfect score. Yes, you will encounter some unknown words on the IELTS Reading Test, but it is not something to be afraid of. Not even every native speaker understands each word in the IELTS Reading Test.

Below is the second part of the reading tips to get band 9 in IELTS reading.

Keep in order

Remember that the questions follow the order of the text in most cases. So the answer to question 5 will come after the answer to question 4 and so on.


When you skim and scan over the text, underline the most important phrases and keywords. It will help you to save some time when you search for answers.

IELTS Reading Tips for band 9 Part 2 image 1


Unfamiliar vocabulary? That’s OK!

Do not worry if the text seems unfamiliar to you or you don’t know some words. Every answer can be found in the text, you don’t need any additional knowledge to succeed.

Pay attention to the details

Look thoroughly through the text. Any special features such as capital letters, underlining, italics, figures, graphs, and tables are likely to matter.

IELTS Reading Tips for band 9 Part 2 image 2

No blank boxes

Answer all the questions, even if you are not sure in your answer, just guess! You do not get a penalty for wrong answers, so try your luck and write the most probable answer.

Cross out the wrong answers

If you see an answer that you are sure is incorrect, cross it out. This way you will not get confused and save you some time.

Choose the technique that suits you

It may sound strange at first, but there is no ultimate technique that fits best for everyone. You should choose how to search for the right answers and either to read the questions first or the text. A lot of successful candidates prefer to read the text first, and only then answer the questions. But some say it’s better to do the other way. Practice with some reading passages to determine which technique fits you more.

The last but not least, “Practice makes perfect”. It is crucial to practice a lot to sharpen your reading skills. Remember that the reading skills are important for you in your study.

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