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2 April 2012
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Apakah Kampus yang Memiliki Reputasi Panjang Lebih Baik dari Universitas Baru?

Is Old Better than New in Terms of Universities?

Is Old Better than New in Terms of Universities?

Is Old Better than New in Terms of Universities? Most of the time in life, we take an attitude of “New is always better”. However, when talking about universities, the general consensus is that old is better as they would have a longer reputation, greater history and more achievements. However, is old really better than new? We will delve into that today.

Older universities, or “Traditional University” as they like to be called, do have a strong selling point. Their longer history has shown their pedigree, their proven ability to build academics and scholars and along with that, more achievements. Traditional universities are also leaders in research to the point that they are universally well known. In terms of rankings, these traditional universities are generally ranked higher than their counterparts.

Our question however, is old really better than new? Better is a personal statement, what is better for one person can be worse for another. If the only defining criteria for universities are strength of research, rich history and number of achievements, then yes, older universities are better than new. However, they are not the only defining criteria for university. Here are a few examples of why newer or modern universities can be better than the traditional universities

Coventry is an evolving and innovative university with a growing reputation for excellence in education. Independent surveys show that Coventry provides a caring and supportive environment, enriched by a unique blend of academic expertise and practical experience. Their defining criteria are employability, enterprise and entrepreneurship. Coventry University was ‘Highly Commended’ in the Entrepreneurial University of the Year category at the Times Higher Awards 2008. By seeking to enhance the strong vocational emphasis of their courses and bolstering their links with the very best industry organisations, Coventry are firmly focussed on preparing students for successful futures.

Northumbria University, in Newcastle upon Tyne, is an expanding multicultural learning community, with excellent links with further and higher education, industry and commerce throughout the UK, Europe and beyond. Renowned for the excellence of its teaching, as well as for preparing students for the world of work, Northumbria also provides research opportunities for professional reflective practice.

Leeds Metropolitan University won the award for “outstanding contribution to the local community” at the annual higher education awards ceremony hosted by The Times Higher Education Supplement. It also came second in the main category, “the University of the Year”. Leeds Metropolitan University focuses on putting students at the centre of all activities, providing a flexible and relevant curriculum with excellent teaching and learning, providing a supportive, inclusive and welcoming environment, preparing students for employment and lifelong learning, being a catalyst for social and economic progress in and for the region, nationally and internationally, through research and enterprise, engaging, valuing and developing a diverse community of colleagues, and ensuring financial and environmental sustainability with a high quality estate

These universities, amongst others, are newer universities that are competing by way of technology, methods of teachings or links with industries. They broaden their scope while keeping a high standard of academics. In this sense, we can conclude that old is not always better, but new is not always better than old. It all comes down to a matter of a student’s priorities and needs. So, if you need help in choosing the best solution for your education matters, SUN Education will gladly help anytime, just email us at or come and visit us anytime at any of our 8 Jakarta branches and we will strive to give you your best options.

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