SUN Foundation

We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean, But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop…”
Mother Theresa from Calcutta


We ourselves might not be able to change the World, But We can definitely change someone else’s WORLD!

By the end of our Journey in this universe
By the time we stand before the Heaven’s door..
We will not be asked of how much money we bring or make,
We will not be asked how prosper or rich we were…

HE will simply ask, How much love we have spread and showed while we live…

SUN Foundation is a non-profit organisation, established by SUN Education to raise the awareness about the importance of education for the youth. As part of SUN Education’s mission and as the realization of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), we hope to reach more of the less fortunate children to receive a good quality education for their future. We started this act in June 2011, by sponsoring 60 orphans so they could undergo a learning journey until they complete their highschool level.

We provide support for the less fortunate children in form of tuition fees, uniforms, books, and other operational cost. We do not stop there, we also offer empowerment programs for youth. Youth has quite challenging life phase, thus SUN Foundation has arranged a list of workshops to equip them to become better and helpful for their surroundings. We hope you can be part of this movement.

Programs by SUN Foundation:

  • Scholarship

We offer scholarship for the less fortunate children living in the orphanage. Currently we are supporting Pelayanan Kasih Bhakti Mandiri Orphanage in Cibubur.

  • Happy Teen Workshop

This youth empowerment program is made to improve youth’s life through skills and knowledge transfers.

  • SUN Generation

Inter-school activity is created to become a medium for active, talented, and forward-minded students. This community is mentored to produce young generation rich with knowledge and soft skills.

  • Teachers Workshop

We have an empowerment program for highschool counselors and teachers to support their development to become more knowledgeable in helping their students.

  • Parents Workshop

This program is designed for parents to help them understand more that the importance of supporting their children’s education starting from their home.

  • Kolabor-Aksi

We proactively provide empowerment programs for the public through collaboration with other institutions.

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