Testimonial New South Wales University
Eric Hannopo
19 Agustus 2011
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Anthony Malius Saputra
19 Agustus 2011

Christofer Taslim

Testimonial of Anglia University

Testimonial University Of Monash

Testimonial University Of Monash from Christofer Taslim. Located in Australia. The atmosphere of the university is quite comfortable. It has a beautiful view. Quite a lot of Indonesian students studying at Monash University

Testimonial University Of MonashNama: Christofer Taslim
Dari: Alumni SMA Santu Petrus, Pontianak
Program: Diploma of Commerce (Business).
Intake: October 2011 at Monash University, Australia

Hi! My Name is Christofer Taslim, and everybody calls me Chris. I want to share with you my experience in choosing the right university for my study.
It all started when I finished my final year at Senior High School. I was quite confused by what course I should take and which university I should go to. However SUN EDUCATION patiently helped me a lot in preparing me, not just for my excellent IELTS test but also for choosing the best university most suitable for me. All I have to do is just to submit some documents required and

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