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Gabriel Marco Perez Rosit

Testimonial Canning College

Testimonial Canning College

Testimonial Canning College from Gabriel Marco Perez Rosit. As a milestone before going to university. Have many experienced practitioners. Has complete facilities.

Nama : Gabriel Marco Perez Rosit
Asal Sekolah : Mentari International School
Sekolah yang Dituju : Canning College, Perth
Jurusan : Year 11 Science
Intake : july 11

I am Gabriel from the Philippines. I’ve lived in Jakarta, Indonesia for the past 10 years and got used to an easy comfortable style of life despite the somewhat chaotic environment. When I was in Grade 9, I told my Mom I wanted to study overseas after I finish Grade 10 in Jakarta. I thought if I continue my studies in Jakarta, I will have limited chances to explore. Perth, Australia was my target place, I was impressed with its clean and relaxed atmosphere and am pretty sure it would open doors for me.

We looked at different options but we were kinda lost how to proceed, as most schools we’ve inquired with or visited required completion of Grade 11 or 12. That’s where Sun Ed helped. SUN Counselor explored all possibilities and found Canning College which is just right next to Curtin University in Perth. And here I am now, doing the 18-weeks Bridging course, which is equivalent to Grade 11 ! Plus SUN Counselors helped to arrange home stay nearby the school, indeed it feels like home with a blend of Asian and Australian hospitality.

So my advice to others who want to find a good school but don’t know where to start, visit SUN Education !!

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