Testimonial Leeds Metropolitan University
Daniel Agustinus Hartanto
6 Juni 2011
Total One Stop Service for All Your Education Needs
Total One Stop Service for All Your Education Needs
13 Juli 2011

Peter Park Si Woo

Testimonial Monash University

Testimonial Monash University from Peter Si Woo. Monash university is having a good quality education. And also has a complete facility. Many foreign students study here

Testimonial Monash UniversityNama : Peter Park Si Woo
Asal Sekolah : SPH Karawaci.
Program : Bachelor of Medicine / Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)

Hello again, my name is Peter. Now I am a second year medical student in Monash University. Looking back at my high school years I can see a long journey of fear, frustration, but fruitfulness to be admitted into Monash University’s MBBS program. I had to be consistent with my school work, trying to do my best and what’s best. In addition to finishing my high school successfully, I had to take a test called ISAT (international student admission test) and had to attend an interview which was held in Singapore for an hour when the university contacted me. As much as I studied, I tried to actively participate in different activities. So I joined two orchestras, playing annually in several concerts, participated in church activities and joined several social activities which really benefitted and shaped me.

But this seemingly long journey really involved a simple process: an application, a test, an interview, and then admission into the program. But during the process, I developed many questions which Erajasa (Sun Education) helped me with by finding the answers. They supplied knowledge of the place where I have never been to with amazing kindness and attention that I felt secure with my documents and transactions. There are many agencies out there in Jakarta which will work in probably the same way. But I can guarantee that Erajasa (Sun Education) will get you to where you want to go.

Having spent a year and a half in Monash University, I am really enjoying the course I study. Monash University has a good medicine course and I am quite confident that it will make me a competent doctor in three and a half years’ time (of course along with my hard work as well!). There are obstacles which need to be overcome in my journey of becoming a competent doctor but having chosen a course which I was interested in and wanted to study motivates me as the study is getting tougher. Also my trust in God’s plan in my life helps me to do what’s best in the present.

By this fortunate chance I would like to thank Mr. Kevin, Mr. Vincent, and Bu Vonny from Erajasa (Sun Education), my family who support me with so much faithfulness and my God who constantly strengthens me and instructs me.

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