Testimonial of De Anza College
Sulistiani Marsudidjaja
31 Agustus 2012
Testimonial of Anglia University
Mellisa Tjee
31 Agustus 2012

Jensen Trys Sadikin

Testimonial of Douglash Collage

Testimonial of Douglash Collage

Testimonial of Douglash Collage from Jensen Trys sadikin. Has 6 faculties. And the popular is majoring in science and technology. The campus receives mostly 1400 international students each year. So many student friends from around the world.

Nama : Jensen Trys Sadikin
Asal Sekolah : Monash College, Jakarta
Sekolah yang di tuju : Douglas College, Canada
Program : Bachelor of Business Administration
Intake : Januari 2012

I feel secure for all my documents have been correctly put in the safe place, which is very important due to I will need it for applying the school. Moreover, I feel satisfy for the services, SUN EDUCATION helps me a lot on giving me what should or should not do when I will arrive in Canada. Overall, I feel happy for all the expert services that I got.

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