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14 November 2012
Testimonial of MIBT
Felix Saputra
19 November 2012

Jessica Emanuela Setiawan

Testimonial of Edmonds Community College

Testimonial of Edmonds Community College

Testimonial of Edmonds Community College from Jessica Emanuela Setiawan. Located in the united states. Receive program transfer from other universities. There are more than 1500 international students studying in this campus.

Nama : Jessica Emanuela Setiawan
Asal Skolah : Mutiara Nusantara International School
Sekolah yang di tuju : Edmonds Community College
Program : Basic Cooking Certificate

Hello everyone! The first time I came to SUN Education office in Bandung with my sister, Felicia Nathania Setiawan and my grandfather. We discuss about study overseas and the advantages studying abroad.

After a long discussion, I decided to study in USA with my sister. I prefer Seattle because Seattle is not a big city which convenient to study. First time I came to Seattle I have no friend except my sister. But we both enjoyed it. On the orientation, I made friends with other students from Indonesia and other countries. People in Seattle is very friendly. The food is also nice. And you must see the Seattle panoramic view. It is very beautiful. If you want to study overseas, don’t forget come to SUN Education and join us if you prefer Seattle!

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