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11 Oktober 2012
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Brian Harianto

Testimonial Curtin University Singapore

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Testimonial Curtin University Singapore

Testimonial Curtin University Singapore from Brian Harianto. Located disingapura. But it has several branches abroad. Space perputakaan large enough. It has the highest university rank. Receive transfer students from other universities

Nama : Brian Harianto
Asal Sekolah : Bina Nusantara University
Sekolah yang di tuju : Curtin University Singapore
Program : Master of International Business
Intake : February 2012

SUN Education has provided the best service to me and keep positive attitude in regard to any difficulties in the process of preparing my acceptance in Curtin University. Even though I was a bit late in making decision and applying to Curtin, they still help me with the best services they can provide.

SUN EDUCATION staffs also really professional, they knows many universities and even if they don’t they will say it and try to get the information first before passing it to the student. It really show the passion for providing the student the best option for studying in foreign country. SUN EDUCATION also never bored to cope with my change of plan in universities while in consultation phase, they patiently explained every university I asked. I really satisfied with SUN Education level of services and this is might what this country education need. The excellent services that put the student first and foremost. Lastly I liked to thank to all SUN Education staff.

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