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6 Juni 2011
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6 Juni 2011

Hendry Yuwono

Testimonial James Cook University

Testimonial James Cook University

Testimonial James Cook University from Hendry Yuwono. He said that James Cook University is one of best university in Singapore

Testimonial James Cook UniversityNama: Hendry Yuwono
Dari: SMA Atisa Dipamkara
Program: Foundation Program
Intake: March 2011 at James Cook University

Before I went to Singapore, SUN helped me with every detail about overseas studies. Me and my parents find the services very satisfying since we were assisted along the way until I could enter a University in Singapore. Studying abroad is so much fun. I can learn to be independent because I have to manage my own time. Besides that I can also learn about people’s life in other countries. It is so much different compared to studying in our own country.

Well, before I departed to Singapore, SUN advised me to take the IELTS (placement) test and the scoring was really quick and accurate. At that time I got 2.5 because I didn’t really use the language in my everyday life. So then I was suggested to join the intensive preparation course for few hours everyday, and I took a private class at home for a few weeks. Finally I took the international test after the course, the result was much better than before, eventhough it’s still below the required band scores. The English teacher’s name is Mr. Yudis, he’s fun and friendly. He always came punctually to my house to teach. I liked the way he taught me and we use English all the time. I was given practice tests every couple of sessions to measure my progress. He taught the IELTS materials accordingly and he’s capable in giving explanations about parts that I didn’t understand. My parents are very pleased with SUN’s services that kept us well informed about the best choices of studies abroad that is suitable with my preference.

Now I’m studying at JCUS. It’s a good institution, great environment and facilities. The canteen is OK despite the boring choice of menu, but the students can find alternatives at the foodcourt nearby. The Uni applies a great education system, where I can study 7 hours on weekdays and have day off at the weekends and holydays. It also implement a strict rule that prohibit smoking and drinking beer and other disturbing stuffs. The staff here are also helpful and friendly.

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