Testimonial MDIS singapore
Ivan Christhio
22 Agustus 2011
Testimonial De Anza College
Jordy Liong
22 Agustus 2011


Testimonial SIM

Testimonial SIM

Testimonial SIM from Wendy. SIM Singapore has a wide network of industries. A curriculum appropriate to the present day. Very welcome with international students

Nama : Wendy
Asal Sekolah : IPEKA Pluit
Sekolah yang Dituju : SIM – UOL, Singapore
Jurusan : Diploma in Economics
Intake : August 2011

SUN Education Group is really helpful for me. They help me for preparation to study abroad such as student pass arrangement. TOEFL, IELTS preparation test, translate my report, etc. Besides, they also give some advice in order to make methink wiser. Their service is satisfy me because they are friendly and communicate whether you want to ask something. So, I am highly recommended to anyone who wants to study abroad.

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