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19 Agustus 2011
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Damus Silaen

Testimonial University of East Anglia

Testimonial University of East Anglia

Testimonial University of East Anglia from Damus Silaen. Located in norwich, UK. One of the universities that has a fairly complete research. The world’s top universities ranked 200. Many provide scholarships for foreign students.

Nama : Damus Silaen
Asal Sekolah : Universitas Advent Indonesia, Bandung
Sekolah yang Dituju : University of East Anglia in Norwich, UK
Intake : September 2009 to September 2010.

Why I choose UK
Since I was in my senior high school I had a dream to pursue a higher level of degree in a developed country, I am thinking to go to countries like USA, Australia or United Kingdom because these countries have a reputable education system. After I finished my senior high school study, I continued my bachelor degree in accounting at Universitas Advent Indonesia, Bandung with a purpose that someday I will become a practitioner in business field. After had a 1 year working experience in a multinational bank I decided to carry on my study in UK.
UK is a well known country for its education culture; many inventors, politic figures, business man, well knows researchers are come from this country. I believed that the advance civilization and the modern system of technology they us in UK could give me a broad perspective of a lot of things, especially in education and business issues. I also found that the living in UK is a quite challenging but also a great experience to have. The differences in culture, social life, food and weather could be a barrier for a new student to live in UK, but as the time goes by I feel comfortable to live in UK. The friendly people, affordable food prices, clean city, less traffic jam, high speed internet connection are some to mention for many reason why Indonesian people could enjoy the living in UK. I also would put the football league of England as an important factor for myself why do I enjoy my study period in UK.

My activities in UEA
Study in UEA is a great experience for me; it has an exceptional technology and facilities that could help students in pursuing their degree. It also has great social events run by the student union in the campus so students will have various activities beside study. The name of my course is international accounting and financial management. With the help of modern library and also the great lectures in UEA, I gained a lot of knowledge in business study more than I could ever expect before.Beside becomes a student, I also have a part time job as a student ambassador of UEA for Indonesia and I also the leader of Indonesia students in Norwich. These responsibilities could teach me a lot of things in managerial and social life. An experience to work with the British people at the office gives me a better understanding on how they do their work. I also enjoy the sport activities at UEA, the university have a great sport facilities with a wide range option of sports to be enjoyed by the students.

Why I chose NexGen (now is SUN Education Group)
I chose NexGen (now is SUN Education Group) as my education consultant since they have the best service in providing information about the universities around the world especially in UK. I have met some others education consultant, but I found that NexGen (now is SUN Education Group) gave me the best service and accurate information before I decided where I should go for master degree study. I also could gain a scholarship worth 2000 GBP with the help of NexGen (now is SUN Education Group) which help me to reduce my expenses in school fee. The quick response and friendly staffs of NexGen (now is SUN Education Group) make me feel comfortable in putting my plan of further study in UK, many thanks to NexGen (now is SUN Education Group) for the help so I could pursue my master degree.

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