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31 Agustus 2012
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Mellisa Tjee

Testimonial of Anglia University

Testimonial of Anglia University

Testimonial of Anglia University from Mellisa Tjee. Located In The UK. It has a building with unique architecture. Complete facilities are banks, bookstores & post office. There is a large gym. Have a scholarship program.

Nama : Mellisa Tjee
Asal Sekolah : Universitas Pelita Harapan
Sekolah yang di tuju : UEA
Program : MA Language and Intercultural Communication
Intake : September 2011

After finishing my Bachelor degree, I decided to go abroad to continue my study. However, choosing the right school is not that easy! In fact, it was extremely difficult because you didn’t know what you actually needed to know. I think it was the years of experiences that SUN Education had acquired that helped me to choose which university to go to. In the middle of frustration (no I am not exaggerating), I bumped into SUN Education’s website. The reply was so quick, and the answer was thorough. The counselor even told me I can go to one of SUN offices anytime to talk about my study plan!

SUN Counselor helped me through the application process. Practically, they did all the stuff. Theyhelped me to contact the University when I had questions. She also helped me to explain all this complicated technical information about studying in UK to my parents (it saved me a lot of time and effort!). SUN helped me with the school accommodation, and gave me suggestion about living abroad as well. The Counselor even assisted me until I arrived in Norwich!! Now, here I am at Norwich, it is like the most beautiful place on earth, and this university is just by definition: the best. I have to thank SUN Education for all of this. Thanks for everything!

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