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19 Agustus 2011
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Tjandra Kusasih

Testimonial University of Greenwich

Testimonial University of Greenwich

Testimonial University of Greenwich from Tjandra Kusasih. The campus building is quite unique because it wakes up old. More like a museum. But the facilities are quite complete. And the campus staff is also quite friendly with international students

Name : Tjandra Kusasih
Asal Sekolah : Universitas Bunda Mulia, Jakarta Utara, Indonesia
Sekolah yang Dituju : University of Greenwich, Greater London, UK
Intake : January 2011

At first, I had difficulty choosing which university in which country I wanted to study for my master degree, especially after visiting an international education fair. Realizing that there are so many options, it was confusing to make my mind because no one wants to make a wrong investment in education for their future; wrong decision will cause waste of time and money. Then I met Suwarni, a counselor from Sun Education, who explained the advantages of each country in providing international higher education and introduced good universities, so I could make up my mind and then I chose UK as my destination. For the registration till visa application, it was really simple, all I needed to do was to give my personal documents and everything was processed until my departure from Jakarta. The prior departure briefing was also helpful, that I could prepare everything I needed before leaving. And I was also introduced to some seniors who have been and still in London so I was not really by myself at the first time in London.

And so, right now, I am doing my Master Project at University of Greenwich. The university has a really cool and green environment, not to mention that the university buildings are old and have their own history. Being close to the Greenwich Meridian Line, there are many museums within the university and the large Greenwich Park area. There is also a beautiful chapel in the campus area. Being able to enjoy all of these is very relaxing after doing some works in the library or after classes.

Studying abroad is very interesting. Studying in classes with many people from different background and culture, living in an international city like London, learning new things from different perspective, these will really become a great experience in life. Though not everything goes so smoothly in studying and socializing, having made the decision to study abroad means that I need to finish my study with flying colors and surpass all the challenges here.

Warmest Regards
Tjandra Kusasih

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