Testimonial Of Les Roches Global Hospitality Education
Tabita Tanto
14 Februari 2012
Fulfil Your ‘Liberal’ Interests within your Commerce Degree
Penuhi Keinginan Pengetahuan ‘liberal’ anda dengan Gelar Commerce Degree
26 Maret 2012

Calvin Suwendy

Testimonial of Seatlle Central CC

Testimonial of Seatlle Central CC

Testimonial of Seatlle Central CC from Calvin Suwedy. Allow for college trasnfer programs. Not only learning text book but also practice. Location close to washington ie capitol hill. Have experienced instructors. Helping students to grow. Have a sense of tolerance because of the multicultural campus

Name : Calvin Suwendy
Origin School : Broadrick Secondary School, Singapore
College/Uni : Seatlle Central CC
Program/Major : Uni Transfer Program/Architecture
Intake : Spring 2012

SUN Education’s services were satisfying! There were some issues and situation but it’s tolerable and I’m glad to have SUN Education to help me pursue my study. With the recommendations from SUN Education, I have made my choice to take Uni transfer program in Seattle Central.

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