Demetrios Joshua Balaskas
15 November 2011
Testimonial Canning College
Gabriel Marco Perez Rosit
15 November 2011

Mary Sofiani

Testimonial Diablo Valley Collge

Testimonial Diablo Valley Collge

Testimonial Diablo Valley Collge from Mary Sofiani. Located in the united states. Not many international students. But it has campus staff who are always helpful if there are difficulties. And Dorm is pretty clean

Nama : Mary Sofiani
Asal Sekolah : Bina Bangsa Kebon Jeruk, Jakarta
Sekolah yang Dituju : Diablo Valley College
Jurusan : Business
Intake : September 2011

SUN’s service is very professional and the application process was made very easy and clear. All of the informations were thoroughly given and I had a pleasure and pleased with SUN’s service.

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